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  We can offer the following range of essential oils.
Black pepper Oil
Cinnamon Bark Oil
Cinnamon leaf Oil
Citronella Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Cloves Bud Oil
  Cinnamon bark Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil is produced only in Sri Lanka and all our Oils are obtained by Steam Distillation.
01 Black Pepper Oil
  Colour and appearance   Colorless to Bluish Green Clearliquid
  Optical Rotation at 20c   -18c + 4c
  Refractive Index at 20c   1.480 to 1.492
  Specific Gravity at 20c   0.868 to 0.890
  Major Constituents   A- Pinene 16-18%
  B- Pinene + Sabincne 20.22%
  C –Caryophyllene 18-25
  Method of Manufacturing   Steam Distillation
02 Cinnamon Bark Oil
  Colour and appearance   Golden Yellow clear liquid
  Optical Rotation at 20c   +2c +1c
  Refractive Index at 20c   1.570 to 1.588
  Specific Gravity at 20c   1.010 to 1.030
  Major Constituents   Grade 1 Cinnamaldehyde over 60%
  Grade 2 Cinnamaldehyde 40-50%
  Grade 3 : Cinnamaldehyde 30-40%
  Method of Manufacturing   Steam Distillation
03 Cinnamon Leaf Oil
  Colour and appearance   Golden Yellow clear liquid
  Optical Rotation at 20c   +2c +1c
  Refractive Index at 20c   1.529 to 1.537
  Specific Gravity at 20c   1.030 to 1.050
  Major Constituents   Eugenol 75-85%
  Method of Manufacturing   Steam Distillation
04 Citronella Oil
  Colour and appearance   Golden Yellow Clear liquid
  Optical Rotation at 25c   -9c to 18c
  Refractive Index at 20c   1.479 to 1.485
  Specific Gravity at 25c   0.893 to 0.910
  Major Constituents   Aldchyde 7-15%, Total Alcohol 55-65%
  Method of Manufacturing   Steam Distillation
05 Nutmeg Oil
  Colour and appearance   Colorless to pale Yellow clear liquid
  Optical Rotation at 20c   +8c to +25c
  Refractive Index at 20c   1.4750 to 1.4880
  Specific Gravity at 20c   0.885 to 0.915
  Major Constituents   A- Pinene 13-17%
  B- Pinene + Sabincne 45-55%
  Myristicin –3.0 to 4.0
  Method of Manufacturing   Steam Distillation




Ceylon Cinnamon
Black Pepper
Nutmeg & Mace
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