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  Ceylon Cloves are the best in the world. Cloves are dried buds of a Tropical plant which thrive well among the hilly regions of Ceylon. Cloves possess an aroma which has a subtle and pervasive quality, used in food industry. Clove oil is highly volatile and used in cosmetic preparation
  Cloves No. 1, Hand-picked Cloves, Clove Stems
  Main Markets
  USA, Mexico, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Middle East Countries, European Union Countries, Australia
  Product Specifications
  Hand-picked Cloves:
    Head cloves, max – 2%
    Cloves below 10mm, max – 1%
    Clove stems & clove fruits, max – 0.2%
    Fermented cloves, max – 0.5%
    Extraneous matter, max – 0.2%
    Moisture, max – 12%
  Cloves No. 1:
  Clove stems and clove fruits, max – 3%
Extraneous matter, max – 1%
Moisture, max – 13%



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